Custom Lanyards Canada

A Custom Lanyard Makes Sense for a Small or Large Social Event

Events are built around the need to gather together, socialize, and find common threads that are fun to discuss. A lanyard can easily display who the person is and what their role is at the event. It also makes for a nice token item to take home when it all comes to an end.

Lanyards for Events

Guests at an event can benefit from identification. Custom lanyards are possibly most effective for small business-related events. Visitors can receive a lanyard that has a card on the end. It will detail who the person is. It can also have information on their status, position, rank, and any other pertinent details associated with the event.

A simple lanyard isn’t all that impressive. Intriguing custom designs will match the look and feel of the event. For example, a gun show could have lanyards for special guests. The lanyards could have a camouflage design that fits the overall aesthetic of the event. The bands can also have words screen printed along them. That is another way to give a different type of style, though color is the simplest method.

Colors and Types

Comic-Con is one of the largest entertainment events in the world, and it has expanded to include a vast assortment of entertainment mediums. Lanyards could be colorful and bright. An event of that suize may even need to accommodate different types of visitors. Paying guests and attendees can receive a simple gift-type of lanyard. Media members can receive a lanyard of a different color, and one that denotes their specific status and goal.


Different lanyard types can also fit different needs. Media personalities, however small, may need to have access to identification lanyards. The front-facing lanyards will keep the ID facing forward at all times. A Small weight is built right above the ID card. Another design type simply has two sides of the ID card attached to the lanyard itself to keep it facing center

The various types of lanyards can all have the same basic uses. But, the different colors and different styles can accommodate different guest types. Custom designs can give a professional presence at any kind of public event, and it can also keep a complex event a bit more organized. It isn’t easy to put together something big, or even something small. But, custom lanyard designs can help fit the entire event together just a little better.